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Over the three years Rebecca has been a part of the Prism dream team, she has brought a playful charm that I was immediately drawn to. She’s often the life of the party, is always making us laugh, and is a super talented musician. She and her boyfriend and Pageants bandmate, Devin, are one of the cutest couples we know. They’ve been together for almost ten years and their love for each other is so apparent and inspiring. It was only natural that we feature them in our latest Valentine’s Day lookbook and capture a bit of their life together in their Long Beach home and studio.

Scroll for more photos of our shoot with Casey Liu, plus more about Rebecca’s background, inspiration, music and style. You should also check out our Valentine’s Day collection, listen to  Pageants on Spotify and set the mood with our V-Day playlist, curated by Rebecca.

How did you and Devin meet?

Devin and I met when I was fifteen in my friend’s garage down the street from my house. He later hit me up on MySpace (lol) and told me he was going to be in the same art class as me. When he walked into the class, our teacher made the girl who sat next to me get up and seated Devin next to me instead – she totally set us up! Hi Ms. Patterson!!

What happened first—playing music together or falling in love?

Devin and I definitely developed crushes on eachother during this art class—We had the class five days a week and would share iPod headphones while we painted—But we never started dating until the very end of my senior year. He had only just started playing music at the time and I had been playing my whole life so we had to catch up to each other.


Tell us a little bit about your creative process of writing and playing music together.

I’ve always been a pretty private, secretive person when it comes to being creative. I love to write on my own and bring material to Devin after I’ve finished the songwriting, and then let it blossom from there. I’ve been trying to be more open about collaborating, but I still feel like writing songs on my own allows me to tap into a subconscious place I don’t necessarily find myself going to when I’m around other people. Devin has written music for me to sing on before which I love doing, and he always adds a really fresh perspective on all of our tracks when it comes to production.

What is your favorite thing to do together in your off time?

We love to travel and try to get out of town whenever we can. There’s so many places I still want to go. We of course love going to Joshua Tree and have stayed at our family friend’s cabin – the Valley Mountain Homestead in Wonder Valley – which you can now rent on Airbnb.

Where do you find inspiration? What do you do to stay creatively inspired?

I get inspired by my relationships, what’s going on in the world, and nature. If ever I’m feeling some type of way, it really helps me to write about it. A lot of the creative process is intuitive for me and often times just flows without me knowing exactly where it’s coming from or what it’s about until much later on. I think travelling and getting out into nature really helps to keep me grounded and get the creative juices flowing as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

I was born and raised here in Long Beach so that’s definitely affected how I dress. The California aesthetic is very much a thing and I subscribe wholeheartedly! I definitely dress a whole lot better since I’ve started working at Prism, that’s for sure. I used to wear a lot of thrift stores finds that weren’t necessarily all that cute and cheaper finds from online retailers. Now I like to mix my thrifted vintage finds with newer, nicer pieces I find at Prism & beyond. Investing in better quality, sustainable fashion is part of it for sure.


You’re both from Long Beach. What are some of your go-to spots in the neighborhood?

Devin and I both grew up in the El Dorado Park area but we’ve been living in Cal Heights together for almost 10 years now. There are so many new things popping up all the time and we are all about it! We do love our classic Long Beach spots though and we never want them to go away. We spend a lot of time brunching at Schooner or Later – it’s our favorite place for chilaquiles and mimosas.

We also love going to Rancho Los Alamitos & Rancho Los Cerritos - two amazing historical properties we have right in our own backyard. We go on walks at El Dorado Park Nature Center, the wetlands over in Bixby Knolls, as well as in Bolsa Chica. We have picnics at the Bluff and Mexican food and margaritas at Yucatan Grill in Seal Beach. Our new haunt as of late for a margarita and an Impossible Burger has been Black LBC.

You were in another band together, Avi Buffalo, a few years back and we hear it a lot on Spotify at the boutique. Tell us a little bit about that experience.

I was a founding member of Avi Buffalo back when I was sixteen. Everything moved really quickly and we recording our first record with Aaron Embry, a musician/producer/engineer who has played with Elliot Smith, Willie Nelson, etc. We got signed to Sub Pop around the same time that Beach House did so we got to tour with them, and a bunch of other bands. It was a totally surreal experience to have at such a young age. Devin ended up playing guitar on tour with us and we got to travel to Europe and all over the States. The last tour I did with the band was with Modest Mouse.

Devin stayed on with the band for a while after I left, but he came back soon enough to finish up his art degree at CSULB. I ultimately had to leave because of personal differences, and it took me a really long time to get back into the swing of things after I left, but all in all it was an incredibly illuminating, unique experience that most people will never have.


Devin travels a lot for his other band, Cherry Glazerr. Tell us what that’s like for you guys and how you balance him being away for long periods of time.

It’s not easy having an on-and-off long distance relationship, but we make it work. I end up making a lot of lovey playlists for Devin, which is where I grabbed a lot of the tracks for our V-Day playlist! He was back home most of this last year so we got a chance to work on a decent amount of recording for our next record. Devin has really become an amazing bass player with the band, and he’s definitely perfected his bass face. Our music is a lot more mellow than Cherry Glazerr in some ways so it’s fun for him to pop off on stage at their shows.

Where can we listen your music? Where do you see yourselves and your band in five years?

Our Spotify profile is the most convenient way to listen, but we do have our songs up on all of the streaming platforms. We also have a YouTube page with the video for one of our older tracks, Musings of the Tide and a new one on the way for our most recent single, Will-o’-the-Wisp. I wrote the treatment for the video and had a couple friends shoot and direct it. It was really fun to make and I can’t wait to show it off! In five years I hope to be in the thick of music making, travelling and living life with Devin, friends & fam, and making the most of my time on this here planet!

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