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  • New
    Moneh Brisel

    Brass Kombu Bracelet


    Inspired by the whimsical zig zag shape of kombu seaweed leaves. This cuff is ready to add a playful twist to your everyday look! Hand carved and c...

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  • Wolf Circus

    Kennedy Anklet


    Beaded anklet featuring silver seed beads with a mix of pearls and gemstones.

  • Marida

    Cowrie Itty Bitty Bracelet


    Delicate gold chain bracelet featuring a cowrie shell in the middle. Materials: 14k Gold Fill

  • Marida

    Pearl Shell Out Necklace


    Necklace featuring freshwater pearls in soft peachy pink hues with a gold shell centerpiece. Materials: 14k Gold Fill, Pearl

  • Paradigm

    Gold Abacus Cuff


    Make a subtle statement with the Gold Abacus Cuff. Gold filled with beads, this piece was handmade in Costa Mesa, CA.  Materials: Gold Filled 

  • Moneh Brisel

    Gold Sea + Sand Cuff


    A thick hammered textured cuff that is half silver and half brass inspired by the contrasting colors of where wave meets sand. If you love to mix y...

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