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Canyon Coffee

Limu Kosa Roast Coffee

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Limu Kosa comes from a family-owned farm that has been growing coffee for over 40 years. The beans were grown at an altitude between 1800-2200 meters. 

Limu Kosa has a natural sweetness with notes of caramel, peaches and molasses. Whole bean.

12 oz.


Canyon Coffee was started by Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz out of their Santa Monica apartment in 2016. 

"What we love most about coffee is the joy it brings to our mornings—making it for each other, family and friends. We like to drink it black to get the full flavor of the bean, and because it's healthy! When it comes to Canyon Coffee, then, our goal is to find coffee beans that can be brewed black, at home, and taste delicious to a wide range of palettes.

We also source unique beans and roast them to accomplish our partner's goals and please their customers!" 

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