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Meet Margeaux

Meet Margeaux

Tell us about your path to becoming a hairstylist and makeup artist.
Well, it all really started when I was pretty young. My brother was in cosmetology school when I was 10 years old and it struck my interest always being his live doll head. My parents were really cool about us having self expression and let me do super wild hairstyles when I was in my early teens. From there I just started doing all of my friends hair and ended up in a salon at 15 and I’ve never really looked back. Makeup has always been a passion as well. I love the golden age of glamour and the transformations on how people see themselves with makeup.

How do you approach the hair and makeup for a photoshoot?
My style for shoots is typically pretty laid back beauty hair/makeup. I love to enhance natural looks and work with curly or textured hair. I also love to do some great 60s inspired looks but those come much less often.

Where do you find inspiration? What do you do to stay creatively inspired?
Honestly I find my inspiration from friends. I have such rad, stylish, creative friends that surround me that I am constantly getting inspired on how they style themselves. I also really love organic street style. Like really not trying too hard just naturally looking fly. That’s what inspires me for sure. Music plays a big part in my life so I am also very inspired by the bands and artists I admire.

Prism Babe: MargeauxPrism Babe: Margeaux   Prism Babe: MargeauxPrism Babe: Margeaux

You’re also doing hair and makeup on the side with brands like Brixton, Raen and Billabong. How do you attract your ideal clients?
All of those brands kinda just fell in my lap through connections with friends. I feel so lucky to get to work with such fun brands. Word of mouth is really everything so I feel like I am constantly getting put in contact with kind of people i would love to work with just through referrals. It’s pretty cool.

You opened one of our favorite spots, HAUS in December of last year. What made you make the jump from working at a salon to opening your own?
Again, it just fell in my lap! It's been a dream of mine since I was really young to own my own salon so when the opportunity arose I was all over it. I have 2 partners I co-own with which make it so much more doable with me having my hands in so many different projects.

What is your favorite thing about working for yourself? What about your least favorite
I really love providing a calm, inviting space for ourselves and our clients. I have a lot more control over that working for myself than at other salons. It can be challenging to create that environment in fast paced salons. When you walk into HAUS you definitely feel the difference. The downfall of working for yourself I would say is that I am ALWAYS working. I’ve gotten better at setting boundaries for myself to have some time off but that doesn’t really exist. Anyone that works for themselves knows exactly what I am talking about.

How long have you been surfing and what does it mean to you today?
I have literally surfed my whole life. My mom surfed 8 ½ months pregnant with me so i guess I’ve actually been surfing since before I was born. It has meant so many different things to me at different chapters in my life. I love change, growth and personal movement but surfing has been the one constant for me. It’s always there when I need it, and believe me I do need it. It’s the most incredible form of release and expression with truly being in the moment. It can very much be meditative. Also, it’s like the most fun thing in the whole world.

Prism Babe: MargeauxPrism Babe: Margeaux

You recently just signed on as a Brand Ambassador for Surf-a-Billy with Jared Mell. How did that come to be and What are you most excited about for your new venture?
Jared has been a friend of mine for probably about 14 years or so. He’s the most bitchin' ripping surfer and we have so much fun surfing together. When he asked if I want to ride his boards and create my own model I really couldn’t say no. I am so stoked to be on boards that I have a say so in and get to create along side him. Also, I'm sure we are going to have some pretty epic adventures.

How would you describe your personal style?
If Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash had a baby girl. Just kidding, but that’s ideally what I want to look like. I love to wear black. I love mixing vintage western in with contemporary looks. Also, I love sunglasses. Like, a lot. So I really like wearing wild glasses with whatever my mood is for the day.

Prism Babe: MargeauxPrism Babe: Margeaux

You’re an Orange County native but you’ve called Long Beach your home for the last ten years. What are some of your favorite spots in your neighborhood?
I love Long Beach so much! I really enjoy how so many neighborhoods have their own flavors so I kinda have different spots in different neighborhoods. I love record shopping so I go to Dex Records and Fingerprints pretty often. Obviously I love to shop at Prism. There is also a really cute vintage store downtown called Ay Que Vintage that I really like. I drink a Salud Juice almost every morning and they have really yummy little bites to eat too now. Other than that, my spot is my favorite place in my neighborhood. I love to cook, make cocktails and listen to records so I tend to hang at home whenever I can.

Check out our latest lookbook with Margeaux to shop her looks, and be sure to catch her at her salon, HAUS - hair brows vibes in Long Beach, CA.

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