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Spread the (Self) Love with our Fave Self Care Babes

Spread the (Self) Love with our Fave Self Care Babes

Not in the mood for Valentine’s Day this year? We get it - in times like these, sparking romance is the last thing on our minds. But think of this day as a way to tell the most important person in your life, Y-O-U, how much you care. Draw yourself a bath, cook your favorite meal, listen to your favorite record - whatever reminds you how much you love you. For more self-love ideas, we tapped some of our favorite self-care gurus to see how they practice self-care and what they’ll be gifting themselves this V-Day.

Spread the (Self) Love with our fave Self Care Babes

Diamond, Digital Creator

“To me, self care is about taking some time to disconnect from the world to check in on my mental health. I love to pray and take long walks, and of course, treat myself. I would love to gift myself a new pair of fuzzy slippers, like Lime Frankie Slipper, a high-quality face mask, and some things I can wear in Spring, like the Magenta Maude Cardigan.

-Diamond Rollins 

Spread the (Self) Love with our fave Self Care Babes

Carla, Internet Furniture 

“Self-care means slowing down to curl up in a cozy sweater, working on a puzzle, and sipping a delicious cocktail. A cute tumbler that encourages me to drink more water would make the perfect gift, along with a stationery set, like the Block Print Stationary, so I can send notes to friends and family.”

-Carla, Internet Furniture 

Spread the (Self) Love with our fave Self Care Babes

Mackii, The Sis List Podcast

“My self-care routine includes dancing to early 2000’s music, reading a book by the pool, and pretending my bathroom’s a spa while I give myself a facial. I’ll be showing myself some love by gifting myself a new pair of sweats, like the Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Sweatpants, and a pair of fuzzy slippers (my go-to uniform when I’m podcasting.)”

-Mackii, The Sis List 

There you have it. Plenty of ideas on how to have a stress-free and self-indulgent holiday. Need more gift ideas? Head over to our V-Day Gift Shop for our full curated collection.
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