Summer Beauty Tips with Remi Brixton of Freck Beauty

Meet Remi, founder and CEO of LA-based beauty brand, Freck Beauty. What started as a simple idea in college - makeup that allows you to draw on your own freckles, turned into an internet sensation and a full-fledged line of innovative skincare and cosmetics using unique ingredients. Since she knows a thing or two about wow-worthy skin, we asked her to share her go-to summer skincare tips and answer some questions from our IG followers. 

Summer Beauty Tips with Remi Brixton of Freck Beauty Summer Beauty Tips with Remi Brixton of Freck Beauty

@daynamance I need a tutorial on how to put on the freckles!

First up, identify where you want to get frecked - a lot of our customers go along the high points of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose (think: where the sun would hit you naturally). Lightly apply FRECK OG as a cluster of dots, dipping your brush often. Allow the formula to sit and develop naturally on your skin, leaving it on longer for deeper skin tones. I'm pretty pale, so I let mine sit just for a few seconds. Here's where the magic happens: copy/paste your frecks by tapping them out with the pad of your finger, wherever you want to spread the freckle love. Pro tip: lots of space between each tap will create the most natural freckles, with the quickest application.

@heylindajean What are some ways I can keep my skin hydrated during the summer without clogging my pores?

The age-old struggle! It's cliche, but staying hydrated from the inside out is important. For skin care though, make sure whatever moisturizer you're using is non-comedogenic. Our LIL PRICK Cactus Seed Dry Serum is so hydrating, and it instantly sinks into the skin unlike many facial oils. We use nourishing ingredients like prickly pear seed oil - it's packed with linoleic acid, which protects and repairs the skin's moisture barrier without clogging your pores or leaving greasy residue.

Summer Beauty Tips with Remi Brixton of Freck Beauty

@corysarg When should I be applying sunscreen? Does it go on top of my moisturizers or under? 

EVERY DAY. I'm the SPF police around the office. Apply it in the morning, and if you're outside a lot, reapply a few times throughout the day. If you're using a chemical sunscreen, apply it as your first step so it can be absorbed into the skin. Mineral sunscreens can go on top of other products, since they work more like a physical shield. For when you need to re-up throughout the day, I love Coola's Refreshing Water Mist with SPF 18. It's a mist rather than a setting spray, and you can apply it over your makeup which is always a struggle. 

@eleenamills What products should I be switching in the summer?

Keep your exfoliation on the gentle side during the summer, since your skin is more exposed to sunlight. Our CACTUS WATER Lactic Acid Toner is a good option for a gentle exfoliation that gets rid of all the gunk without sensitizing things. It’s formulated with 1% lactic acid, super safe for every day morning & night use. 

Summer Beauty Tips with Remi Brixton of Freck Beauty Summer Beauty Tips with Remi Brixton of Freck Beauty

@lesliemorterbrown What is your fave Freck mask to use and why?

FORECLAY is my ultimate mask. I love clay face masks, but they irritate my skin, leaving it feeling stretched and tight. I hate that - so we formulated FORECLAY with cactus oils and kelp extract so it's actually nourishing your skin, while the kaolin clay works its toxin pulling magic

@flakenbackderr What’s the one beauty hack you live by?

I like to color outside the lines. Like with our UFOMFG pressed pigments, I think the duochrome metallic shades actually make for a really fun cheek highlighter. 

@robinbro How often should I be exfoliating in the summer?

It really depends on the type of exfoliator you're using (physical or chemical), and your skin type. I like to keep cell turnover going constantly with CACTUS WATER between visits to the derm or esthetician, and leave the heavy lifting to them. 

Don’t forget to tune into Remi’s live fresh face tutorial on Prism’s IG on Tuesday, Sept 1st at 2pm where she’ll be answering even more of your beauty questions. You can also follow her, shop all of Freck’s products, and stock up on our fave summer skin essentials from our beauty collection.

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