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Summer Charcuterie with @cheeseprettyplease

Summer Charcuterie with @cheeseprettyplease

Meet Rebeka, Norway native now living in Orange County and owner of Cheese Pretty Please. What started as a fun way to show off her passion for food, her gorgeously built charcuterie boards quickly started traveling from party to party. Get to know more about her and how she puts her Pin-worthy boards together.

Summer Charcuterie with @cheeseprettyplease

Where did you come up with the idea for Cheese Pretty Please?

Every summer I fly back to Oslo, Norway, where I grew up as a child, and host a dinner party with my best friend on my birthday. We spend the whole day cooking and turning to Pinterest for delicious (and most importantly cute) recipes. One year I found a charcuterie board and had to recreate it. Once I posted it, I received an insane amount of DMs asking about where, how etc. so I knew I was onto something. I decided to create an Instagram account and have everyone in my life to thank for spreading the word! Social media can be an incredible thing!

What are your favorite types of boards to create?

My breakfast boards! I offer bagel & lox boards and a sweeter version including croissants, fresh fruit & treats. There’s nothing I love more than a lox bagel, so naturally I had to find a way to add this to the menu. It ended up helping me expand into other categories such as desert boards, pancake boards, taco boards etc. 

Summer Charcuterie with @cheeseprettyplease  Summer Charcuterie with @cheeseprettyplease

Tell us your process for choosing what to pair together.

Try EVERYTHING! The more you experiment the more you will stumble upon delicious creations. I always feature at least 2-3 different jams to help each bite be more creative & different than the last. 

When putting a cheese board together, where do you start?

With the cheeses so I don’t forget any! Sometimes when I’m pressed for time, I forget the most important part. I make a checklist for myself with the most important items; cheese, meats, crackers, etc. and keep the decorative fun part to the end.

Summer Charcuterie with @cheeseprettyplease

If you’re building a board for a summer activity, like a picnic at the beach or BBQ with friends, what would it include? 

Here’s a really easy charcuterie recipe that’s always a hit: 
Smoked almonds
Fresh baguette 
Fresh honey

Getting ready to plan a party? Make sure you peruse Rebekah’s IG for some elevated snacking inspo and head to our IGTV to see her board building skills in action.

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