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How to Date Yourself This Valentine’s Day

How to Date Yourself This Valentine’s Day

We’ve all felt the pressure this time of year brings. The pressure to have someone to celebrate with, to have the picture-perfect date, to give and receive a heartfelt gift. But, with “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus playing in the background, we’re redefining this day and letting all of that go to give more time and attention to the one who deserves it the most—ourselves. Here are some ways to feel totally fulfilled while celebrating solo.

Have a self-care night in

Light some candles, turn on some tunes, grab your favorite beverage, and draw yourself a dreamy-scented bubble bath. Or maybe your version of self-care is ordering in and watching your favorite show. Whatever it is, make sure it’s intentional and not just another night at home.

Go to your favorite museum 

Let’s be real, sometimes going to a museum by yourself is preferred anyway. Put on a cute outfit and linger at the exhibits you love even longer (and speed through the ones you don’t). If you don’t have a nearby museum, find a library to get lost in. 

Spend an afternoon reading and journaling at a coffee shop

Just like dating another person, dating yourself also has a getting-to-know-you phase. Grab a journal and spend some time checking in with yourself, diving deeper into your goals and aspirations. 

Pack a picnic and go on a hike

Doing something that’s both good for your body and gets you outside has so many benefits. Find a trail you feel safe traversing alone, pack a light lunch and a book you’ve been putting off reading, and spend an afternoon immersed in nature. 

Take a pottery class

Or any kind of class, workshop, meet-up, etc. that’s new to you. We typically tend to lean on others when trying new things, but braving the unknown by yourself will leave you feeling proud and determined to do it again. 

Whatever you decide to do, whether you’re single or taken, we hope you don’t wait for someone to enjoy the experiences around you.

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