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New Year, New Us: Prism in Review

New Year, New Us: Prism in Review

2019 marked another big and exciting year for Prism and our team. We hosted our second Desert House in Palm Springs; celebrated the first anniversary of our Costa Mesa boutique; expanded our online and social team; teamed up with LOREM and launched our third collaboration; were featured in WWD, Sunset, and MyDomaine; and had a record-breaking holiday season (phew!). It was a year of lots of wins, very few losses, and tons of growth. And with growth comes reflection, change, and sometimes, redirection. As we start 2020, we’re taking time to focus on how we can evolve as a business in order to serve you and our community better. Here are a few ways we plan to do that. 

The Future is Female

According to a study done by American Express, between 1997 and 2017, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 114% (!!!) and now make up 39% of all U.S. businesses (The 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report). We’ll continue to support the female-fronted brands we carry, like Callahan, Jurate Brown, Lykke Wullf, and Dazey LA, while seeking out more ways we can partner with, celebrate and support more women. 

Locals Do it Better

Among our highest priorities is championing fellow local businesses and artists from our local community. From our collabs with Codie Connor and LOREM, to carrying independent brands like Muse Bath, P.F. Candle Co, Upton, and LACAUSA, we’ve always believed in giving makers a platform to share their work on and introducing our customers to their incredible talents. 

We also believe in the power of our community and what we can give back to our local economy when we work together. For every dollar spent at a local, independently-owned business, $2 - $3.50 recirculates back into the local economy (American Independent Business Alliance). 

Shopping independently also means a more close-knit community that provides a feeling of connection. We love throwing events to meet more of our neighbors and introduce them to the brands we believe in. You’ll see even more events this year with an exciting line-up of artists and makers to meet and follow.

Clothing Detox 

Partnering with brands focused on sustainable practices is so important to us and an area of our business we plan to pay closer attention to this year. Eco-friendly brands like Mate the Label, Girlfriend Collective, Back Beat Co, and Whimsy + Row are all examples of companies that are doing the work of putting the environment first and changing the future of fashion by focusing on making lasting, well-made pieces in local factories using eco-friendly resources. Fast-fashion has created a perfect storm of extreme waste and overconsumption and has turned the fashion industry into the world’s second largest polluter (Global News). We aim to be part of the solution by carrying brands that are working towards sustainable solutions, as well as more vintage in an effort to reuse and recycle while reducing waste. 

Fresh Face

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them, which is why our best-selling clean beauty brands like Sisters Body, Everyday Oil, Fat & the Moon, and Olio E Esso are using natural, plant-based ingredients that won’t take a toll on your health. The cosmetics industry has gone pretty unregulated for the past 80 years, so we’re happy to see so many brands creating products that aren’t just safe for us, but safer for the environment. By carrying small batch beauty from local and independent makers, we can ensure what we’re selling to our customers share our values for clean living.

Less is More

And lastly, we plan to adopt a ‘less is more’ mentality by paring down our inventory so that we can provide our customers with a more curated collection of brands we stand behind, styles we’ve tried and love, and products you can’t find anywhere else. This also means a higher stock level of sizes and an online and in-store experience you’ll always enjoy. 

As a brand with strong values, we’re constantly looking for ways to provide for our customers while staying true to who we are. We know there’s so much work to be done, and this year we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting shit done. These resolutions are just the beginning!

Our incredible Prism team, from the girls you see in the shops to those working behind the scenes that keep our social pages and website running - each one inspires us to be and do better. To strive for more and go beyond what we thought was possible. 

Same goes for our customers. Your support means the world to us and we hope we can continue to be part of your community this year. Your feedback is so important to us. Please help us bring you more of what you love by filling out our customer survey.

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Courtney Yellen - February 4, 2020

Prism is everything I could have envisioned for a boutique while taking environmental management in college, but they go above and beyond. Everything they are about from using local products to adopting a less is more “minimalistic” mentality is the drive our world needs when it comes to consumerism. I think consumerism are making leaps and bounds when finding solutions to sustainable development and Prism is a part of that transition in society but yet they still happen to do it with such appeal.

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