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New Year, New You: Inspiring Intentions from Brands We Love

New Year, New You: Inspiring Intentions from Brands We Love

While there’s no perfect time to reset, rebalance, and become the you you’ve been dreaming of, and January 1st might just be another arbitrary date on the calendar, we see this new year and new decade as an opportunity to reflect and set positive intentions for the year ahead. We’re shifting our focus on feeling centered, open, and mindful; welcoming challenges and life-altering personal growth. To help us prepare for this journey, we talked to some of our most inspiring female brand owners to see how they’re starting their new year and what they’re shopping for to lead them in the right direction. 

“My New Year's rituals are such an important beginning to a new year. I begin with a deep cleansing ritual and intention setting ceremony inside my home. This purification process allows me to settle into my space for the new year and invite ease and flow into my daily life. My intention for 2020 is to practice PRESENCE in all that I do.”
- Kristen of Muse Bath

“I’m going into 2020 with a refined mission for myself and my business: Be colorful. Be bolder. Be
more of myself. With this bolder energy, I am focusing on connecting more with my community and loudly promoting peace, joy, and artistry in whatever way I can, starting within myself first.”
- Leela of Native Bear (now called The Rainbow Vision) 

“My team and I spent most of 2019 shifting the direction of CAM to align with our personal passions for sustainability which allowed us to start 2020 off with a bang. We just launched our new recycled metal designs and created what I think may be the first jewelry recycling program. My intention and goal is to continue moving CAM in this sustainable direction while sharing this passion with our clients and retailers.”
- Christen of CAM Jewelry

“This last decade has been life changing in so many ways and I’m ready to start fresh for the new year and decade ahead. For Prism, I intend to work on building relationships with brands and artists that align with our core values to grow my business in a meaningful and ethical way. My personal goals include slowing down and being more present in my day to day life, especially with my family and two daughters. I want to continue working on myself; being kind, helping others and finding peace within my busy lifestyle of being a small business owner and mother.”

- Dayna of Prism Boutique

Whether you’re going full Marie Kondo (is that still a thing?) on your life, or just giving yourself small goals, like remembering to water your plants - our Gift Shop is full of items that’ll help you embrace this new light wherever you are in your journey.

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