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Mezcal Blanca Oil


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Journey into a new type of terroir with this essential oil– the agave fields of Mexico, and the sensorial world of mezcal. This new collection, inspired by the most mysterious, enrapturing spirit, will mesmerize you with a romantic adventure of smoky, woody and fresh aromas.

Mezcal Blanca is a blend of Sheer Citrus & Solar Resins

Smelling Notes: Peppercorn | Humid Palm | Oaxacan Sea Salt | Juniper | Star Anise

A shared fragrance, for both men and women.

“WHO is wearing perfume in my tasting room?” the winemaker declared, as I

swirled my Chardonnay at a California vineyard. Right there in the vineyard, I’d

accidentally defied the rules of the wine tasting. Wearing perfume while the nose is in the glass is strictly prohibited- rightfully so; it can interfere with the wine’s

aromas. But as perfume wafted from my skin, across the glass, it started to

enhance all the nuances of the wine’s bouquet. So I decided to break the rules, and set out to create fragrances inspired by the art of wine tasting. The result is a truly new concept in fragrance; an experiential and sensorial new pairing. This spirit of "terroir" and the sensorially of nature is infused into all of our essences.

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