At Home with the Ladies of Inspiring Spaces We Love

Maybe before your house became a shelter, you didn’t spend that much time there; between work and outings, it was just a place to keep your stuff. Or maybe your space has gone stale now that you’ve spent more than enough time there. Either way, help is here. We tapped some of our fave ladies of inspiring spaces we love to see how they’re making their spaces a comfortable home, along with their picks from our Home & Gifts Collection.

At Home with the Ladies of Inspiring Spaces We Love

“I've always been a homebody and focused on keeping my house nice and cozy, but it's definitely a different vibe these days staying home. I tidy once or twice a day, just to keep it somewhat neat, and light candles and palo santo sticks regularly to mask the stench of two permanent boys. And I allow way more screen time than usual, which means lots more cuddling on the sofa. Cooking and baking all day is annoying because of the nonstop dishwasher filling and emptying, but it creates a homey vibe unlike anything else.”
- Molly  @almostmakesperfect 

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At Home with the Ladies of Inspiring Spaces We Love

"I love to make a space feel personal and serene so as we grow, it grows with us. In this moment we're living in, I've felt a need for simplicity and practicality and I've rearranged areas of our home to evoke that feeling. Books have been moved to different shelves, vases moved from room to room and the much needed closet cleaned out to make space for cooler clothes for warmer weather. I love to burn palo santo and play my favourite music while I do this to get into that chill headspace.”

- Sarah Shabacon @sarahshabacon 

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At Home with the Ladies of Inspiring Spaces We Love

“Burning candles or diffusing calming oils 24/7, getting fresh flowers delivered from a local gem & drinking countless cups of hot tea (with healthy adaptogens) are keeping our home extra cozy during social distancing. Living in my Mate the Label sweats, Arq pieces and comfy socks too, of course.”

- Emily @emilytartaglia_

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At Home with the Ladies of Inspiring Spaces We Love

“During this time, I’ve realized the importance in making my home a cozy and relaxing place to spend ‘me’ time in. I’ve been trying to keep the house picked up (not easy with two kids home!) and feeling organized. I always have a candle burning and have been adding some new pieces from the shop to my personal collection. It feels good to update my space and get rid of things that we don’t need anymore. I’ve been loving our new Ekobo dinnerware, Boy Smells candles, Kudd:krig wall hangings and Jenny Pennywood hand towels for the kitchen.”

- Dayna Mance @daynamance

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We hope you’re taking care of yourself in any way you see fit (yes, that means sleeping all day if you want). Our At Home Collection is full of some of our fave items to help you embrace this time of sheltering at home and keep you feeling a little more normal. 

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