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Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade

Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade

Started in 2018 by Brooke Jaramillo, Large Lemonade is an LA-based design and embroidery house turning once forgotten pieces into one-of-a-kind treasures. With a love of vintage and a desire to give clothing a second life, Brooke uses her 100 year old hand-operated machine to create custom pieces and brand collaborations. 

Learning from her mom and grandma, Brooke’s always been an at-home sewer and has been chain stitching for five years. While living in New York, she took a job customizing Levi’s and about a year later, decided to pursue her dream of starting her own business - and Large Lemonade was born. 

Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade   Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade

How did you take Large Lemonade from hobby to brand? 

A lot of hard work and dedication! Social media obviously plays a big role these days, so you have to put in that effort as well. At Large Lemonade, we strive to create genuine relationships with brands, creators, our neighbors etc. Our main goals have and will always be to create fun environments at events, give life to old garments, up-cycle, to be sustainable (as much as possible), and to be inspired by communities, locally and abroad.

How do you stay inspired?

Travel is a big source of inspiration. Anywhere we go, we are always checking out local shops, cruising the markets etc. Also, my love for vintage garments is still so vibrant. Looking to the past for future inspiration is the best.

Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade Behind the Brand: Large Lemonade

What are some of your favorite projects?

We recently did a pretty fun event at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival. It was my first time there and we also offered a western tassel activation - it was so fun getting to do that in a country environment. But really anything where I can be creative with the client and we make something beautiful! 

Can we get some details behind the Prism collab?

Prism does such a good job sourcing quality vintage, the shop honestly has the cutest stuff -  it’s one of my favorites ever. The collection is extremely wearable which is nice. California has such gems all over the state, so paying a small homage to special places like Ojai and Big Sur is super cool. The color palette is spot on as well, lots of soft pinks, military greens and stunning faded blues.  I think everyone will enjoy these lovingly broken-in pieces.

Check out the Prism x Large Lemonade collab filled with worn-in vintage with Brooke’s personalized chainstitch touches, and give them a follow on IG to see what event they’re headed to next! 

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