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Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer

Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer

We caught up with Prism Babe and Instagram’s favorite candle connoisseur, Ashley Hosmer, to chat all things candles (duh). Thanks to the pandemic, what started as an innocent, albeit expensive, hobby quickly turned into massively followed, expertly crafted candle reviews complete with a shareable Google Sheet all her followers can see. On top of all of that, her place is perfectly styled with splashes of color, unique pieces, and, you guessed it, tons of candles. We sent her a few of our faves from our candle collection to get her honest take, which is so helpful for those of us still just shopping from home. Keep reading to hear about where she finds her inspo and what her favorite scents are, candle and otherwise.

Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer

Tell us about your home style and where you find your inspiration. 

I never really know what category my home style falls under but I describe our home as colorful and cozy, like a full sensory experience. I want every room in our home to have a cozy spot to rest and I want everything to reflect us - my husband and I. 

I find so much inspiration when traveling. I spend a lot of time booking the perfect AirBnb or hotel, I look for ones with distinct styles and adjust dates of trips to snag the place I want to stay at. And of course Instagram and Pinterest. I find so much inspiration from other creators and boutiques that curate their selection like Prism.

Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer  Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer

What got you hooked on candles? 

I'm not sure what sparked it but I think I was hooked once I discovered the scents/brands I love. Scent is so powerful, it changes a space and affects mood. I love that. When I'm stressed, I light a candle. When it's a rainy day, I light a candle. When I'm hosting, I light a candle. It's such an easy thing to do to improve your mood and make your home smell good.

How/why did you start reviewing candles? 

When the pandemic was in full swing, I was bored. Stuck at home with my candle coordinated cubby. One day I went on Instagram stories and just started talking about some of my favorite candles. I got so many responses, it prompted me to keep going. So, naturally I roped my husband in and escalated it into full blown candle reviews. I basically started it as a way to enable more candle purchases.

Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer  Candle Chats with Ashley Hosmer

What's your all time favorite scent? 

Oh this is hard. If we're talking candles, Le Labo's Santal will always be one of my favorites. It is my go-to burn whenever we have people over so it conjures that memory, especially now being home and not seeing friends/family in so long. If you don’t want to drop $95 for a candle, the Santal Candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio is a really good substitution. If we're talking scents in general, I love the smell of my dogs Frito paws. 

Check out the Candle Chat she did just for us with her husband, Matt, below and give her a follow to see what she reviews next. You can scroll to shop all of Ashley’s picks and our entire candle collection, in-store and online.

Shop Ashley's Picks:

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