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Meet Danikha

Meet Danikha

For those of you who haven’t already met her, Danikha was Prism’s first-ever employee. From day-one, Danikha has been at my side, helping me with anything and everything - from merchandising the boutique, fulfilling orders, buying, to even styling herself and modeling in our first product shots! Throughout the last four and a half years, she’s grown into the creative behind our photoshoots and social media content and has helped define the aesthetic of the Prism brand. 

I first met Danikha at Anthropologie in 2013, when I was the store manager and she was our personal shopper. After I left Anthro to open Prism, I asked if she could help tag product and work our grand opening event, and the rest is history! She’s immensely talented at styling all our lookbook and e-commerce shoots, as well as our social media posts. She also helps me keep an eye on what’s new and trending. Prism wouldn't be what it is without her.

Get to know more about my right-hand-gal - how she got her start, where she finds her inspiration and what she’s up to next.

Dream Team: Meet Danikha of Prism Boutique  Dream Team: Meet Isabella of Prism Boutique How did you first meet Dayna and how did you begin working at Prism? What was it like working at Prism in the beginning?

I first met Dayna working at Anthropologie as a personal shopper and she was my store manager! When she told me she was leaving to open up her own store, I was immensely proud and stoked because I always admired her personal style. It was a couple months after she left when she called me to ask if I wanted to come work for her at her new space a couple days a week. The answer was yes without thinking twice, and little did I know all the things I was getting myself into!

In the beginning, our team was just Dayna, one other girl, and myself and we did everything and modeled all the clothes ourselves before our website came to existence! Through Instragram and word of mouth, our brand grew quickly as well as our team which launched the decision to start the online website. It’s been magic ever since!

How do you approach styling a photoshoot? Describe a typical shoot day at Prism.

My approach starts with looking at the product we having coming for the month and creating the mood from there. Once we figure out the mood we’re going for we cast model, photographer, hair and makeup, and seek out props or other additional things that we feel would complete our shoot. When the day starts, after we’re done setting up, we all collectively location scout to figure out what looks best and the day goes by in a blink of an eye from there.

Where do you find inspiration? What do you do to stay creatively inspired?

When I seek out inspiration, it usually starts with getting out of town and taking road trips to places I haven’t been before. If I don’t have the time, I give myself a couple hours out of the week to research brands, good architecture, gallery openings, live music etc. and make plans from there. Anything that gets me involved with other creatives, because at the end of the day the people who follow their creative vision and express it fearlessly keep me inspired the most.

Dream Team: Meet Danikha of Prism Boutique  Dream Team: Meet Isabella of Prism Boutique
Dream Team: Meet Danikha of Prism Boutique  Dream Team: Meet Isabella of Prism Boutique You’re going to school for photography and are often shooting in your free time. Tell us about some of your recent projects.

I am yeah! Recently it’s been shooting lookbooks, some social content, and still-life for smaller brands, which I really love doing. One thing I’m excited to start going forward is a portrait series out in different natural settings which is rad because I get to collaborate with a lot of incredible people.

How would you describe your personal style?

Very eclectic!!! Some days when I get ready I feel like I’m having an identity crisis but when it’s time to go I dress to how I feel and enjoy incorporating a lot of vintage into my wardrobe.

Share some of your go-to spots in Long Beach. What do you like to do for fun?

Some of my favorite spots in Long Beach would be
Berlin for the coffee, Fingerprints right next door for some record shopping, Urban Americana which is the vintage wonderland we’ve always wanted, and Wide Eyes Open Palms & Open Sesame on second for a good spot to eat. The peninsula is also super nice for a relaxing beach day & there’s community yoga on the bluffs which is pretty solid.

Dream Team: Meet Danikha of Prism Boutique  Dream Team: Meet Isabella of Prism Boutique
Dream Team: Meet Danikha of Prism Boutique  Dream Team: Meet Isabella of Prism Boutique What are some of you favorite brands at Prism and what do you dig about them? 

Sugarhigh Lovestoned, Novella Royale, Crap Eyewear, & Vanessa Mooney are a few of my favorites because everything is made and designed in the US, and every single one of them have a strong brand identity and design pieces that are classic more than trendy and easy to transition into every season. Oh! Also Rollas Jeans for creating the best throwback pieces, and jeans that compliment the booty whether you got it big or small.

If you could pick five things from Prism Boutique as your summer must-haves, what would they be?

Some of my faves right now are The Ground Control Coveralls from Sugarhigh Lovestoned, The Abbey Pant from Novella Royale, The Fox Tee from Mate the Label, the Black Velvet Mirror Sunglasses from Crap Eyewear and the Stardust Bodysuit from Camp Collection.

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