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Meet Hannah Faithlord

Meet Hannah Faithlord

You might recognize Hannah from our latest lookbook and installment of our Prism Babes series. We first met Hannah Faithlord when she at attended our Welcome to the Desert Dinner at the Amuse x Prism Desert House for Coachella in Palm Springs. We met so many creative and inspiring women that evening, but immediately connected with Hannah and knew she’d be perfect as a Prism Babe. She is super warm, easy to talk to and relatable -- plus drop-dead gorgeous!

For the shoot, we followed Hannah, alongside photographer Brandon DePuma, Prism stylist Danikha and assistant Isabella Manning to Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach. Spending the day with her was like taking a day trip with a girlfriend - full of adventure and laughs. The beach was almost empty that day, and the clouds rolled away to sunshine in the afternoon. We packed our newest summer arrivals - including lots of Rollas, Free People and our newest line to hit Prism, Zulu and Zephyr. We had an amazing time styling and shooting the looks - Hannah is such a beach babe and looked great in everything. After the shoot we grabbed tacos and a beer to celebrate!

Though she was in front of the lens for our shoot, Hannah’s main gig is a fashion photographer, capturing images and collaborating with brands like Glossier and New Balance. She’s recently stepping into the creative director role - creating organic photo diaries for brands with her cool look and clear vision. We chatted with Hannah about her work, how she stays inspired and her experience at the shoot.

Be sure to check out Hannah’s work on her website, and view our newest lookbook featuring Hannah, where you can shop all her favorite looks.

Prism Babe: Hannah Faithlord  Prism Babe: Hannah Faithlord You were in front of the lens for this shoot but you’re actually a photographer. How did you first get started in photography?
When I was a kid I would take our giant family VHS video recorder and make movies with my siblings. I’d make up a storyline and my sisters and brothers would act in it then we would all watch it together. After that I started making up photo stories and would have my sisters model for me. I would shoot on disposables or a little point or borrow other people's cameras. I didn't get a proper camera until about five years ago.

What was your favorite moment from the Prism shoot?
The whole day was magical but I really loved when we were shooting on  the stairs against this huge rock wall. The outfit combined with that little nook made me feel like I was in a different country.

You balance your time as a photographer, creative director, and brand influencer. What keeps you inspired?
I’m inspired by people and places. Collaborating with people who are like minded and finding locations that bring an image to life.

You’ve collaborated with brands like Glossier and New Balance - what makes you take on a project and how do you know if a client is a good fit?
I have a pretty specific style so I only share imagery from projects that fit that but I also do projects behind the scenes for brands that don't fit my style. Brands will send me a box products that they want images of and I’ll create an organic photo diary for them.

Prism Babe: Hannah Faithlord You also work at Heidi Merrick. What’s a typical day like for you - if there even is one?
I work in her studio doing a lot of web stuff and even model if we need to shoot a new piece quick. Heidi is awesome and very creative. There definitely isn't a typical day at H. Merrick, everyday is a new experience and I love that!

You’re currently living and working in LA. What are the go-to spots in your neighborhood?
LA is full of some epic spots -- Cafe Gratitude has the meanest smoothies (there’s a coffee one called Invincible that definitely lives up to its name). Melrose flea market and Wasteland are a few places I like to go for my vintage Levi’s and The Poke Shack is my ultimate spot for a feed.

As a photographer you’ve traveled all around the world. What are your favorite spots to get away? What are some still on your bucket list?
Palm Springs will always be a favorite spot for a quick get away but if I could go back to any city I’ve traveled to in the past it would definitely be Venice, Italy. Top of my bucket list is Cape Town, South Africa to go cage diving with great white sharks. I’ve always had this dream of doing that and I recently found out that the great white is my spirit animal so I feel like it’s about time I do it. I’ll let ya know if I survive haha!  I would really like to go to Sri Lanka someday too and of course Bali cause por qué no?

You recently started a love affair with surfing. How did that start and what role does it play in your life now?
Haha I only just learned but surfing is literally the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet. Being held under water against your will is just not my jam and the ocean in general freaks me out. I’ve only ever had a play on a foam board in waist deep whitewash but I recently took a trip to El Salvador with some girlfriends who surf a lot and they convinced me that I’d survive so I gave it a go again and had such a blast!  I actually rode a proper reef break/long board wave thanks to an instructor and it made me want to surf more!  I did end up getting a fin to the rib cage, almost drowning and four stitches in my knee but hey, no pain no gain right?!  I grew up snowboarding with my girlfriends so we’re going to start surfing long boards this summer since the snow won't be around.  I’m terrified but YOLO hahaha!

Prism Babe: Hannah Faithlord If you could pick five things from Prism Boutique as your summer must-haves, what would they be?
I absolutely loved everything from our shoot, but if I had to pick it’d be the Beach Riot Bridget One Piece, LACAUSA Raw Edge Baby Tee, Free People Dawn to Dusk to Dusk Jean, Free People Jean Jax One Piece and the Jenny Bird Gold Sloane Earrings.

See Hannah in action in our latest shoot.

Follow Hannah on instagram at @hannahfaithlord and see her work at

Photos by Brandon DePuma

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