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Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

We love seeing women succeed in business. Stepping out on your own is tough; it takes courage, perseverance, and for many women, the ability to juggle being the boss and a mom. It truly takes a hustler’s mentality to handle the around-the-clock work days to bring an idea or dream to fruition. 

That’s why carrying female-owned brands in our boutique and bringing women together in a supportive space to learn and inspire each other are big priorities for us. We believe in lifting each other up and valuing community over competition. In that spirit, we caught up with the featured panelists at our upcoming Ladies’ Night to give you a preview of who they are and why we love them. 

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

Michelle Qazi, @6thanddetroit

Vintage anything has always been a passion of Michelle’s, but passion grew to obsession, and all her finds took over her house. She knew it was time to share her one-of-a-kind treasures with others. In 2015, she opened up her Etsy shop. Michelle says, “I was at home with little ones, so it was the perfect side business that allowed me to continue hunting.  As things sold, I noticed a real demand for 60s-70s home decor—it was an untapped market at the time.”

She also discovered she could ship furniture out of state at an affordable price through Greyhound buses, and it was then she decided to save for a brick-and-mortar. “There was a need for a shop between a thrift store/antique mall and a super high-end designer store.  I knew I could fill that void while utilizing my styling and marketing experience,” she says. 

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

After being in her Downtown Long Beach location for eight years, she felt it was time to try a new part of the city and is about to move next to Prism. “We’ll continue to have our permanent in-store residencies, Pilgrim Vintage and Back Alley Finds, with us and hope to connect with other small businesses through more events and collaborations.”

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

Kerstin Kansteiner, @aldersage

Kerstin moved here from Germany in 1989 and found it really difficult to meet people and connect with the Long Beach community. “We have cafes in Europe where you go, enjoy a well-crafted coffee and tea, and you can find like-minded people to connect with,” says Kerstin. Hence, the idea was born to open up a cafe. With a background in marketing and communications, running a business didn’t scare her.

When she first opened, it was a small art gallery. Coffee and community gatherings helped evolve the business into a full-time cafe with art exhibits instead of an art gallery with coffee. She says, “The industry has changed so much since 1989; it keeps you on your toes, and you just keep reinventing yourself. I have learned to open new businesses and close businesses—both have been rewarding and challenging.”

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

With a thriving business where she’s led and promoted an outstanding management team, Kerstin’s next goal is to make more time for herself and her family. She says, “I have always worked at least six days a week, but with great managers in place, I think I can learn to relinquish control.”

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

Jamie Fox, @thenowmassage

Jamie has been a loyal guest of The NOW brand since 2017 and loved getting massages for as long as she can remember. After spending 12+ years in the corporate world, where she did sales and marketing for health and wellness businesses, it was time for her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. “My dad was an entrepreneur/business owner - he started a roofing company in Philadelphia and did that for 25+ years. He unfortunately passed in June 2012 but is truly my inspiration for starting my own business,” says Jamie.

When she saw that The NOW was franchising, she had to be a part of it. She says, “Together with my husband, who’s my business partner, we secured six franchise licenses throughout Long Beach and Orange County. We have two locations open today, so at least four more to go!” They opened their first location in Long Beach in 2022 and just opened their second location in the Corona Del Mar neighborhood of Newport Beach.

Meet the Featured Women in Business Who Inspire Us

These years of being an entrepreneur have given her a sense of gratitude that she gets to wake up and do something that brings so much joy and happiness to others. Jamie says, “From overseeing 50+ team members across both locations to welcoming over 1,500 guests each month, I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know so many amazing people and be a part of many people’s self-care and wellness journeys.”

She continues, “Every day is different, and even though I could be putting out multiple ‘fires’ at any given time, I strive to stay grounded and remind myself of The NOW’s Brand Truths: to Live in The NOW, Kindness is Magic, Care for Those Who Care for Others and Authenticity ALWAYS.” Their team has grown into a group of massage therapists who care about the healing they provide to customers and front desk staff & management who work closely with each massage therapist to help provide top-notch services and create a welcoming environment for each guest. “ I look forward to continuing to work alongside our AMAZING team in supporting our guests’ wellness journeys and keep growing the NOW brand!”

Check out each of these small women-owned businesses in person if you’re local or on their sites, and give them a follow.

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