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Meet the Marketplace

Meet the Marketplace

We started the Prism Boutique Marketplace Collection to keep our community connected and to introduce our customers to local artists from across the country at a time when we feel so far apart. 

We’re so excited to introduce you to the next round of independent makers featured in our Marketplace. From handmade jewelry to naturally-dyed textiles, the thought and care that goes into each piece crafted by these artists is truly incredible. 

Get to know the talented women behind each featured brand of our new Marketplace Collection and show your support any way you can.

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

Scarlet Penaloza of Hey Moon Designs

Based in Los Angeles, Hey Moon Designs is a line of handmade jewelry that started as a creative outlet and quickly turned into a full-blown business. Coming from a family of side hustlers, Scarlet’s no stranger to turning nothing into something amazing. “I began making polymer clay jewelry for myself and friends as a creative outlet while in my first year of graduate school,” says Scarlet. 

She continues, “My sister suggested it would be fun if I joined a small business Saturday market that she was hosting. After that pop-up, I got a lot of positive feedback about my work.” She spent her first year popping up at markets and soon started getting more orders than she could keep up with. “It’s been almost 3 years since I started this small business and I’m beyond proud of how its grown since building it from scratch.” 

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection   Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

As exciting as that kind of growth can be, it can also be overwhelming. “At the beginning, I was spreading myself so thin that I was lacking self-care and prioritizing my business over everything else,” says Scarlet. “This brand from start to finish is handled by one pair of hands, from molding clay, assembling jewelry, packing orders, customer service, social media, to managing the online shop, and the list goes on.” With time, Scarlet learned how to balance things in order to stay recharged, inspired, and motivated. 

One way Scarlet fuels her creative energy is through collaborations. “Working on this business solo can be exhausting and get a bit lonely. That’s why collaborations are vital to my brand, it's been the perfect way for me to connect with other small businesses, get creative with sharing ideas and work with influencers,” she says. “It’s also a way to help empower, inspire and uplift one another.” You can shop Hey Moon’s Prism-exclusive styles along with other pieces from her collection, visit their website, or follow Hey Moon on instagram.

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

Jemina and Alexia of Queen of Cups

Started by two sisters in Nashville, TN, Queen of Cups is a collection of small batch hand dyed pieces made by Jemina and Alexia. Each garment is hand tied and dyed individually by the girls in their studio, including the exclusives they made just for us - truly unique, one-of-a-kind dyed socks and clothes.

Jemina says, “When we have the opportunity to work with another brand and collaborate it gives us the chance to step out of our comfort zone and experiment. We get to expand beyond the aesthetic and colors we are drawn to and try new things!” 

“We really enjoy research and a nice deep dive into the inspiration behind another brand or collaborator. I think we are both open minded when it comes to creative feedback and that allows us to take risks,” adds Alexia. 

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection   Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

Though this year has brought its own interesting challenges along with it, working as a team, especially a team of sisters, has helped them through all that’s come their way. Having a sister as a business partner “allows for a lot of easy and open communication,” says Jemina. “We understand each other's creative reference points instantly. We always encourage each other's weird ideas and it's amazing to have someone to brainstorm and build ideas with.”

Alexia continues, “We read each other's minds so often, we are on that sister ESP wavelength most of the time. I think our personalities complement each other and we bring unique skills to our business together” 

That level of knowing and understanding your partner is even more crucial when your business gets turned upside down and your day-to-day completely changes. “Our day has changed a lot though during quarantine. This year our business has really been busier than ever, and at the same time I have less time because I have two small children and school has to be at home,” says Jemina. Alexia adds, “We are such a small business we are constantly learning how to do things with more balance.” Shop Queen of Cups at Prism and be sure to follow them on Instagram

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

Rudy Gardner of De la Terra

Cool, understated, and super unique, De la Terra is a line of naturally hand dyed garments, from market bags to everyday basics, that we’re totally obsessed with. Based in Northern California, owner and founder Rudy Gardner uses generations-old techniques that are environmentally-friendly and utilize nature itself.

Though creative in a plethora of ways, Rudy didn’t find her true passion until she started dyeing. “It wasn’t until about 3 years ago when I decided to pursue natural dyeing and textile design. I had a botanical dye book that had been sitting on my bookshelf for years and one day I picked it up and decided to go for it,” she says. “After the very first recipe I tried, I was hooked. The unexpected colors I created and the process in which I obtained them blew my mind.” From there, she started posting the images of her creations and received such positive feedback, she knew she had something that was more than just a hobby.  

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection   Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

From then on, she was dyeing daily. “Once you find a creative endeavor that completely overwhelms you with joy, GO FOR IT. Know that it is 100% possible for a creative side project to become a full-time gig if you put the necessary time and effort into it,” says Rudy. “Don’t be afraid to take the next steps or to take risks.”

All of her garments, including her collaboration with Prism, are made using plant-based materials. “I always have a full basket of Oak Galls, which I harvest myself from around my neighborhood. Once ground, the powder acts as a tannin to help bind the color to the fabric. I use them all the time so I try to keep them readily available.” Shop De la Terra’s styles at Prism and follow them on Instagram.

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection

Lizzie Everson of Primecut

Based in Portland, OR, Primecut makes some of the coolest bags we’ve ever carried. Started in 2013 by founder Lizzie Everson, Primecut bags are handcrafted taking into account the unique properties of the materials used. 

Each design is started by sourcing high-quality materials that’s inspiring and will inform the piece’s purpose. “Each material’s unique characteristics help determine the form and function of what it’s used for,” says Lizzie. “It’s challenging and extremely rewarding to create a one-of-a-kind product that showcases the quality of the material and its functionality.”

Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection   Meet the Makers of the Marketplace Collection 

When we approached Lizzie to collaborate, we were so thankful she was willing to try something a little outside her wheelhouse. “We don’t do a lot of leather patchwork so it was a fun process to figure out the detailing and construction for this design,” Lizzie says of our collaborative Yin Yang pouches. “I think this will be something we experiment more with in the future.”

We’re so excited to work with and support these makers who continually inspire us. If you’d like to get to know their work further, check out their websites and give them a follow on Instagram. And make sure you shop our Marketplace Collection

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