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Meet the Marketplace No. 012

Meet the Marketplace No. 012

We started the Prism Boutique Marketplace Collection to introduce our community to local artists from across the country, and we’re so excited for you to meet the next round of independent makers. From handmade ceramics to glass blown pieces, the thought and care that goes into each piece crafted by these artists is truly incredible. 

Get to know the talented artists behind each featured brand of our new Marketplace Collection, and show your support any way you can.

Meet the Prism Boutique Marketplace No. 012

Maria Ida Designs
Vancouver BC

“Glassblowing is my #1 passion in life,” says Maria Struk, “I love it so much and it is a labor of love.” In 2014, Maria began her glassblowing journey by taking an introductory class at a local studio—she was immediately hooked. “I loved that glassblowing was not only creative but also technical and dangerous at the same time,” she says. She initially became infatuated with it during a high school trip to Venice where she saw people glassblowing for the first time and never stopped thinking about it. “It stayed in my mind until one day I googled glassblowing in Vancouver and came across Terminal City Glass.”

Maria started Maria Ida Designs in 2015 and though she’s been in business for nearly 10 years, she still feels like she has more to learn about her craft. “Learning how to blow glass is a lifelong process,” she says, “I would never say that I have mastered the craft because I am always learning and trying new things in the glass studio.” And while that might be true, make no mistake—Maria knows what she’s doing. Her pieces are playful, unique, and expertly handcrafted.

“Working with color that is bold and unexpected makes me feel happy,” says Maria. Drawing inspiration from Memphis design, maximalism, and all things childish and full of color, she loves creating home decor that brings joy into people’s homes.

Meet the Prism Boutique Marketplace No. 012

Hey Moon Ceramics
Austin, TX

Until she found her first wheel-throwing class in 2007, Lauren Robertson of Hey Moon Ceramics had always been into creating but was more into making music and playing in bands. “It was so hard to center! And my first teacher was terrible,” she says, “But after that experience, I found many helpful teachers and community studios that kept it going.”

And thankfully she did! Around 10 years ago, she decided to turn her hobby into a brand when she started making candles with the vessels she had laying around. Lauren says, “Candles were the first thing I sold and it’s evolved from there.” She chose the name Hey Moon, a song by Speck Mountain because at the time it was the song her then 4-year-old son listened to on repeat. “Going full-time just kind of happened at the beginning of the pandemic, and I never went back to my day job.”

What’s in Hey Moon’s future? “LAMPS!” says Lauren, “I’ve been working on lamps for a while now, and plan on rolling some out in the near future.”

Meet the Prism Boutique Marketplace No. 012

Pair Up
San Diego, CA

Based in San Diego, Pair Up is a clothing line bringing thoughtful basics to life through the power of color. Inspired by the process of getting dressed and how you pair items from your closet together, it also embodies the idea of collaboration. “Whether that's cotton and color, ingredients in the kitchen, a friendship, a song, a film... they're all created through the process of coming together.”

Founded by Emma Brooks and run by just her and seamstress Sabrina Rounds, they make almost everything you see. “We take pride in owning the majority of the production process. It comes from our hands — we design, sample, dye, cut, sew, experiment, quilt, screen-print, snack, chat, etc.” You name it, they probably do it! And when they can’t, they collaborate with a female-owned factory in Los Angeles that aligns with their values.” Their ethos is strongly built on responsible, sustainable, and ethical practices, prioritizing a healthy work environment for their machinists and technicians.”

From utilizing sustainable and deadstock fabrics that are hand-dyed to saving scraps from the landfill and using recyclable, biodegradable shipping materials, Emma has worked hard to create as little waste as possible. “Most importantly, we view fashion as an opportunity to create mindful art, not disposable waste.” 

We’re so excited to work with and support these makers who continually inspire us. If you’d like to get to know their work further, check out their websites and give them a follow on Instagram. And make sure you shop our Marketplace Collection.
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