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Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician

Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician

Meet Geneva Stockdale, owner of the San Clemente-based beauty studio, The OC Esthetician. As an esthetician for five years, she’s built her business around all-natural, non-toxic products that enhance and highlight a person’s best assets while keeping them clean - literally. We tapped her for tips on how to transition our skincare for summer. Get to know more about her, why she went non-toxic, and how to prep your skin for the warmer months ahead.

Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician

Having always been attracted to esthetics, Geneva started to get a glimpse into the kinds of toxic chemicals and lack of regulations throughout the skincare industry and decided to redirect her course. “I furthered my education of a more holistic skin care approach, however I’ve always had the mentality that the earth and our bodies are more interconnected than most think,” she says.

This new approach to beauty led her to opening The OC Esthetician, where she’s honed her passion for natural skincare and created a space her clients can feel comfortable in. “I wanted to provide an experience for my clients, giving one-on-one personalized appointments in a setting that isn’t like most salons/spas,” says Geneva. She continues, “I’m able to give clients all of my attention in a space that feels more like a home than anything else, from there relationships can form and I truly get to know my clients through all aspects of life.”

Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician

Walk us through your spring/summer skincare routine.

In spring and summer our bodies excrete more oils due to the heat and humidity! You can get away with using less oils in your routine but want to still be providing water hydration year round. 

A gentle cleanser, lots of enzyme masks, like Golde’s Papaya Bright Face Mask, and using clothes + hats as a first line of sun defense is my preference. If you’re using sunscreen, opt for a mineral based one with zinc. 

Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician

How does this routine differ from what you do in colder months?

In colder months air tends to be more dry/cold, this is when thick oils and moisturizers are best. Having less sun exposed during the colder months allows for more exfoliation and a lower risk of increasing pigmentation.

What is on your must-have product list?

Skincare is so individualized but I find that the following products are staples for any skin type:

Gel cleanser
Enzyme mask 
Hydrating serum
Facial mist
Water based moisturizer 
Healing balm 
Mineral based SPF 

Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician Summer Skincare with @ocesthetician

More specifically I love the January Labs Gel Cleanser, Golde Papaya Bright Face Mask, Eminence Licorice Root Serum, Linné Refresh Face Mist, Youth to the People Cloud Gel Cream, Zabana Organics Healing Balm & Suntegrity or Vertra sunscreen! 

If you’re ready to give your beauty routine a refresh, follow Geneva for more skincare tips. Also, you can shop her Prism beauty picks and all our current skincare so you can get your best summer skin yet.
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