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V-Day Gift Ideas from our Prism Babes

V-Day Gift Ideas from our Prism Babes

Stuck in a V-Day rut? Ditch the heart-shaped chocolates - we’re sending reinforcements. Our very own Prism Babes let us in on what they’re gifting (and getting) from the V-Day Gift Shop so you can get your sweetie something they actually want. Who better to help than the girls who inspire our store and know the product best? Trust us - they know what they’re talking about. 

V-Day Gift Ideas from our Prism Babes

“Fun gifts with a focus on design and sustainability, like the Rose Checkerboard Baby Baggu, are my jam! I'm also obsessed with unique home goods, jewelry, and accessories that freshen up my vibe. I’m really loving the Arc Lucite Incense Holder, Terrazzo Cream Porter Ceramic Mug, and Gold Miro Necklace. Earthy beauty products and nail polish in modern hues are just the icing on the V-day cake!”

- Rebecca @pageants__forever

V-Day Gift Ideas from our Prism Babes

“I love receiving gifts that serve a purpose and inspire me. Self-care products that I normally would not buy for myself are always a treat. I also love receiving decorative pieces for my apartment, like the Anza Plant Stand paired with a cute potted plant or photography books, like California Trip. Another favorite is receiving something unique and one of a kind, but what really matters most is that the person put thought into the gift!”

- Sydney @sydneysixx

V-Day Gift Ideas from our Prism Babes

“I love spoiling my friends for holidays! I usually get a few small/affordable trinkets and this year I am picking some of my favorite products I use daily to share with them. I chose items like my favorite Everyday Oil, Balm from Olio E Osso, and the Agnes Polish from J.Hannah. For me and my boyfriend, Valentine’s Day is more about getting away and cozy quality time than gifts. That’s why I like the idea of gifting the Sweet Grapefruit Candle, some sweets, and a card to show my love.”

- Mayson @maysonhauck

V-Day Gift Ideas from our Prism Babes

“February is the month of love, and in my case, I’m really focusing on self-love! My gift guide contains all sorts of amazing goodies, great for a self-care night in. I love looking through beautiful books, like Dream Baby Dream; lighting a candle like my fav, the Love Potion Candle; rejuvenating my skin with natural oils; and slipping into something light and comfy, like the Pink Kelly Intimate Set. These gifts are not only amazing to give to yourself, but also to your girlfriends.”

- Madi @ethically.fashionable

We know it’s easy to hate on this holiday, but we think you should never pass up an opportunity to show your loved ones you care. Looking for more cupid-approved gifts? Check out our V-Day Gift Shop for our full curated collection. 

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